Sheraton Formally known as the Hyatt on Capitol square, this hotel featured 400 guest rooms, restaurants and lounges, two ballrooms and numerous event and meeting spaces. Settle Muter Electric performed a complete replacement of the fire alarm system in this hotel, installing approximately 85,000 feet of new cable, over 1,000 devices and a new networked fire alarm panel riser with 2-hour survivability.

buy Lyrica mexico Perhaps the most challenging obstacle in this project was the coordination of the installation of the new Siemens system so as not to interfere with the daily operations of the hotel and its guests. This renovation took place during normal operation of the hotel, requiring SME to “cross-connect” the old fire alarm system with the new panels and selectively migrate each floor to the new system without interruption of fire-safety coverage or disruption to the hotel’s customers.

SME’s ability to work with clients and ensure that their business is not disrupted is what makes our company the go-to contractor for all fire, safety and security installations. Aside from our guarantee to not hinder out client’s business, we also guaranteed a safe environment to employees and guests.