Limited DC5 Cafeteria

Sighișoara Settle Muter Electric’s work on the Limited Cafeteria shows just how well the SME team can adapt to working around a client’s busy schedule. When renovations to existing facilities take place, many times production for that client does not stop, forcing the contractor to work around the client’s employees and customers, all without disrupting the everyday flow of business.

Le Havre The renovation of the distribution center cafeteria included new recessed, accent and custom salad bar lighting, the installation of a Square D power logic electrical panel system which was connected to the building automation system, and additions to the Edwards fire alarm system. In addition, new power and controls for new kitchen hoods and equipment was also installed.

The crew of 8-10 team members had to work around the production of the cafeteria, as well as the thousands of customers it served every day. Because the building was not shut down, SME had to practice extreme safety precautions and housekeeping to ensure that employees and patrons of the cafeteria were not affected by the ongoing construction.

The high-traffic area posed potential setbacks to the SME team, but they were able to complete the complete building renovation in just eight weeks.