Municipal Solar Panel System

Over 2,600 solar panels were just installed on the roof of The Columbus Division of Fleet Management building located at 4211 Groves Road, marking the first large-scale solar energy system for a municipal building in Columbus. The 240-watt panels are expected to produce roughly half of the building’s electricity needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 566 tons.

“Not only will we be using renewable energy from the sun, but we will be reducing our energy costs over the next two decades,” said Mayor Michael B. Coleman. “This is yet another important step toward our goal of becoming the greenest city in America.”

The project is a joint effort by General Energy Solutions USA, Tipping Point Renewable Energy, Premier Power Renewable Energy, and local companies Spectrum Capital Energy and Settle Mutter Electric. The City of Columbus has signed a 20-year agreement for the project, which was approved by City Council in November.

“This project allows the City of Columbus to lower our carbon footprint without incurring any upfront costs,” said Councilmember Priscilla R. Tyson. “The installation of these panels maintains our commitment to embracing green energy solutions for years to come.”

This project may be the first large-scale installation, but is the second roof-mounted solar project that the City of Columbus has completed to date. The first one being located on the roof of the building that houses Milestone 229 in Bicentennial Park. Last year it generated over 57,000 kWh of electricity.

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