Zanesville Water Treatment Plant The Zanesville Water Treatment Plant was a challenging yet very rewarding project for Settle Muter Electric. With a fast approaching deadline combined with a complex design, the SME team worked to their full potential in order to complete the project on time.

Aurogra online order The $16 million opportunity consisted of two underground storage tanks, eight filters and fifteen wells. Three 350HP pumps moved water into eight filters for treatment. The water was then pumped to water towers throughout Zanesville by three 200HP pumps. In addition to the pump system, SME installed fire alarms, SCADA controls, chemical feeds and emergency generators.

Because the project was funded by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, the project came with a deadline to bid and start the construction in order to receive the grant money. This target date put the design team under a strict timeframe, causing them to submit a bid without the usual coordination for a project of this magnitude and complexity. In addition to the tight schedule and design issues, weather and frozen ground delayed the digging process by several months.

With continuous design questions, SME demonstrated excellent teamwork with the designers and Kokosing in order to complete the intricate wirings and electrical controls. Despite the many changes to the design, SME was able to keep the project on track by use of electrical knowledge and experience.

Aside from the stresses and complications of this project, SME was greatly rewarded with minimal problems after start-up of the new facility, as well as the ability to keep in a close professional relationship with Kokosing Construction. Thanks to sufficient knowledge, training and understanding of electrical controls, the SME team was able to complete the project on time with great results.