Westerville 69kv Replacement

http://gowstakeout.com/2011/04/22/chinese-braised-beef-and-tendons/imag4297/ SME takes pride in their work with the City of Westerville on a 69kv replacement project, which shows the complexity and high quality of our workmanship.

isotretinoin buy online without rx The new installation of 69kv underground cables to connect Westerville Electric Division’s Substation #1 to Substation #3 is an example of that quality work. Included in the project was the installation of 26,400 feet of cable between substations that were installed above grade at termination risers and in wet locations bot in underground ducts, directional bores and manholes. SME also installed link boxes and SVLs to allow for shield breaks and cross-bonding.

SME provided and installed 69kv splices and terminations and directional bored conduits under Alum Creek, as well as in new open-cut trenches and in existing conduit and manhole systems.

The $2 million project was completed within six months with a crew of two SME team members.