Pickaway Correctional Facility

http://thehistoryhacker.com/category/literature/ One of SME’s largest medium/ high-voltage projects was the Pickaway Correctional Facility located in Orient, Ohio. SME served as the lead contractor in the project consisting of generator installations and the addition of a high-voltage generator building. The $4.3 million project was completed within 16 months.

buy prednisone for dogs online uk Along with the installation of two 2500kw medium voltage 13kv emergency generator sets, SME installed 29 manholes and 1.5 miles of underground duct bank with a crew of 6-10 men. To tie in the internal and external electrical services, the SME team installed lighting, power, control circuits, fuel oil day tanks, exhausts, cooling equipment and switchgear and automatic transfer switching equipment.

The construction of the generator building included the electric power service, lighting, and controls. Temporary power to the buildings during the replacements of normal or emergency transformers and feeders was also completed, along with electrical connections to existing systems and temporary facilities and controls.