CRAA Baggage Handling System One of SME’s most recognized projects is the installation of a conveyor control system for the Columbus Regional Airport Authority. This project was not only an immediate success for both SME and Columbus International Airport, but it also won SME the 2012 BX Craftsmanship Award.

purchase gabapentin online The Columbus International Airport serves approximately 1 million visitors annually, which made the project extremely elaborate. The complexity of this project involved the installation of a new control system for handling baggage that was integrated without service interruption in over nine phases. Because the project required integrating the new conveyor system with the existing system in operation without disruption, numerous “cut-overs” were required during the nightly 4 hour window when the airport had limited traffic.

Due to the mission critical nature of the project, SME had to ensure coordination between multiple systems. Each of the nine phases required precise and exact layout and system tie-ins. To ensure that the conveyors were ready to switch out during the night, SME pre-fabricated control raceways and wirings on new conveyor sections before the installation could take place.

Consisting of 500 motors, 140 control panels, four 800 amp electrical services and 400 control stations and photo eyes, the $1.5 million project was completed within 16 months.