purchase ivermectin online Since 1964, the BX Craftsmanship Awards Program has recognized the importance of craftspeople for the quality work they provide to the construction industry.

Miramichi Craftsman Brian Willis used his extensive knowledge of the electrical trade to install the complete electrical system at the Columbus Fleet Management Maintenance Facility.

Willis led a crew of 18 to install over ten miles of under-slab conduit and several additional miles of conduit overhead.

The project was designed with all electrical wiring to be installed overhead. Willis and his crew worked closely with the engineers to develop a new underground layout due to the height of the ceilings and the large 150,000-square-foot space.

By utilizing the option to install underground, the electrical installation was more efficient for an already tight schedule and allowed for increased cooperation with other trades.

Willis has been an electrician for 25 years. He has worked for Settle Muter Electric since the fall of 2004.

Willis is a first-time Craftsmanship Award winner. He started his career in construction doing landscape and carpentry work during the summer while still in high school. He has an older brother who is also an electrician.

A first-time Craftsmanship Award recipient, Williams always wanted to be a carpenter. He started learning the trade in his father’s cabinet shop.